Erasmus + workshops

Appreciative Leadership

How to achieve my team optimal performance

While traditional leadership focuses on problems, Appreciative Leadership focuses on potential, improves organizations and individuals by finding out what is working well and trying to get more out of it. It aims at getting the best out of people who are engaged in a system or a situation.

Developing and delivering sustainability strategies

In-spite of the continuing warnings over the global environmental situation the key indicators such as species loss and carbon emissions continue to move in the wrong direction. We are not well aware of the specific environmental services on which our economies and livelihoods depend and the risks associated with these dependencies.  The course is the flagship for professionals, organisations and project teams to acquire the practical resources in order to effectively maximise sustainability outcomes as part of their work and thus empower them to create change.

Training for trainers and team leaders

How to develop self-awareness and deal effectively with the emotional dimension of motivation and learning

Emotional intelligence is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and feelings of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions in ourselves and in our relationships. The concept of emotional intelligence is well known: every leader, communicator, trainer and every person who manages workgroups knows the importance of the emotional dimension in the processes of motivation and learning.

Tools for Thinking and Acting on Change and Sustainability

Empowering people to bring forth their full potential through Systems Thinking and Strategic Organizational Learning

This workshop is an introduction to the art and science of Organizational Learning (OL) and Systems Thinking (ST). OL and ST are participative leadership approaches that empower people to bring forth their full potential at both the individual and collective level. This workshop offers a new perspective on management and its tools which trigger renewal and inspiration on issues that concern contemporary professionals.

Peaceful living. Changing the Story

Genuine Communication of Connection

Peace is what we all are at the core of our being. Love is what we are here to do as it is the connecting energy of relationship and the creative impulse of all life. Authentic happiness and abundance is what arises after we have given selflessly with love.

Awareness of the Self and the Other

A philosophical approach to Emotions

Emotions are a major challenge in our private and professional life. But are we really aware how indispensable they are as a source of knowledge for ourselves and others?

Unleashing positive energy and enabling collective commitment

The Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Toolbox

This is a course which includes Appreciative Leadership, Coaching and Supervision, Appreciative Performance Management and Engagement. It is appropriate blend of experience, concept and skill-building practice at individual, small group and plenary level.

Developing Leaders for Sustainable Business

2 Day Sustainability and Leadership Residential

This 2-day innovative residential course is targeted for managers and entrepreneurs who want to become effective Sustainability leaders through a combination of training and leadership methodologies and interactive learning. The training builds on the “Sustainability and CSR Masterclass“, and participants will gain an excellent understanding of CSR and Sustainability and an overview of all key areas related to the implementation of CSR and Sustainability in their day-to-day job.

1Day Burnout Prevention Workshop

Cool Down the Fire within

Burnout is an insidious phenomenon that combines the work stress situations (customer requirement, the organization of pressure, job insecurity, relational difficulties …) and individual response to stress (need for recognition, perfectionism).

Managing relationships and the customer experience in services

A practical, managerial guide to developing and nurturing relationships with all types of customers in services

The management of relationships is a theme that concerns researchers and practitioners in marketing for the last 30 years. Research has concluded that it is at least 5 times more expensive to find new customers than to keep the ones you have. On the other hand, education is a complex environment and as such, the educational experience is multi-faceted and the sustainability of relationships with customers difficult.

Trust in Appreciative Supervision and Coaching

 Inspiring Trust, Respect and Collective Intelligence

Coaching and Supervision inspire new insights, perspectives and ideas based on the art of questioning. During the training you dive into systemic appreciative approaches, solution-focused methods and participative tools. Trust is a prerequisite for the Coach or the Supervisor and fear is an outcome regarding lack of trust and lack of confidence so we need trust and confidence builders.