Imagine a future where…

Your people take ownership for organization-wide quality initiatives, and in turn, this produces better decisions at all levels within your organization;
Your current workforce is your biggest recruiter;
Goals are championed by managers and staff and not just by your Board and Executive team;

We help you achieve this future.

Conflict isn’t buried or engaged within a “right/wrong” framework, but adds to your organization’s ability to learn, adapt, innovate, and produce results…
Relationships between employees are in service of something larger than self-interest; People ask what is possible rather than complaining or engaging in “turf wars”.


FRACTALITY – a leading institution in long life education- presents you the new Erasmus+ KA1 mobility projects. We invite you to seize the day: to live with us an unforgettable educational and cultural experience in the cradle of civilization: Athens, Greece. We secure that any interested  public or private organization or NGO  active in the field of adult education, or in the field of labour market will have the opportunity to train its staff in the context of a variety of fully funded courses addressed to people working as education or administrative staff in any educational establishment, research institute, cultural organization, career guidance bodies, chamber of commerce, social enterprises etc. We offer a variety of carefully designed staff training courses to meet different needs, requirements and expectations for any organization established in a Programme country. Training language is English.

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FRACTALITY – While traditional leadership focuses on problems, Appreciative Leadership focuses on potential, improves organizations and individuals by finding out what is working well and trying to get more out of it. It aims at getting the best out of people who are engaged in a system or a situation.

When we are overwhelmed by negative thinking about mistakes and responsibility, the positive approach of Appreciative Inquiry offers plenty of advantages to meet ever increasing demands. At the same time it is the best way to prepare oneself for the next steps after a crisis is over.

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FRACTALITY – The course uses the One Planet Living holistic framework, an initiative of “Bioregional”, which is based on 10 fundamental principles and provides a positive vision of a world in which people enjoy happy, healthy lives within their fair share of the earth’s resources, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness. It offers the participants the tools and skills to make sustainability understandable at both the individual and corporate level, to measure and manage effectively its impact and to provide clear targets and strategies to improve performance.

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FRACTALITY – Emotional intelligence is the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and feelings of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions in ourselves and in our relationships. The concept of emotional intelligence is well known: every leader, communicator, trainer and every person who manages workgroups knows the importance of the emotional dimension in the processes of motivation and learning. But how to handle emotions, starting from one’s own and especially in challenging situations, is not so obvious. In order to be effective in their work and advance learning and working groups, more and more professionals need to develop personal and social competences. The course is aimed to enhance these competences and help implementing the development of processes that lead to self- and social awareness and management.

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Peace is what we all are at the core of our being. Love is what we are here to do as it is the connecting energy of relationship and the creative impulse of all life. Authentic happiness and abundance is what arises after we have given selflessly with love.
Rediscovering and establishing our connection with inner and outer peace shall provide the space and time, shall pave the way for joy, deep and long-term personal and professional success, self-completion and a healthier life both in the physical and psychological plane.

Love connects, truth guides, happiness nourishes, purity reveals, compassion understands, kindness touches, forgiveness releases, patience waits, faith trusts, humility bows, respect builds, peace is …

  • Short phrases, condensed meaning.
  • Are we related to these in our everyday life?
  • Have we found ourselves in the position described by each value/quality (love, truth, purity, compassion, forgiveness…)?
  • Where does the phrase ‘peace is’ refer to?

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Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strengths-based, inclusive and actionable approach towards large system change and development. AI works on the premise that every organic system has some inherent generative forces, which when amplified, unleash positive energy and enable collective commitment. AI facilitates organization-wide changes through appreciative tapping of strengths, ideas, aspirations and co-evolved imagination, leading to co-owned and participative accomplishment.

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Emotions are a major challenge in our private and professional life. But are we really aware how indispensable they are as a source of knowledge for ourselves and others?

The seminar will address the following questions concerning the vocabulary of emotions:

  • How can emotions be seen as insightful perspectives?
  • How can we approach emotions and distinguish among different types?
  • What is the difference between moods, emotions, feelings, affects and passions?
  • How can we overcome the difficulties of talking about emotions?
  • What can we learn from literature and philosophy?

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This workshop is an introduction to the art and science of Organizational Learning (OL) and Systems Thinking (ST). OL and ST are participative leadership approaches that empower people to bring forth their full potential at both the individual and collective level. This workshop offers a new perspective on management and its tools which trigger renewal and inspiration on issues that concern contemporary professionals.

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The Science of Happiness at Work
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    Fractality is partner of the iOpener institute (Oxford, UK) using the unique methodology of Science of Happiness at Work.