Welcome to my office and my website for Individuals and teams. I provide life counselling, coaching & Supervision to professionals. My office is located in Kifissia, 13 Drosinou str, near Kifissia metro station.

The first session

In the first session we concentrate on getting to know each other. It is important for me to learn about your individual situation and what you hope to achieve through coaching. Just as important is for you to get to know me and learn about the methods I use so that we can determine whether this form of counseling  can be helpful and whether we can work together in a trusting and open atmosphere.


Each Counseling  and coaching session lasts 45 minutes. Sessions should generally be separated by a period of one to two weeks, to give you sufficient time and opportunity to think about what we discussed in the last session and to test new ideas in your day-to-day life. Experience shows that you should expect to need 5 to 15 sessions for counseling and coaching.  However, after each session you will leave with something valid on you from thanks to you.


All personal data and the content of our discussions are handled with absolute confidentiality.

Counseling and Coaching in English & Greek

I offer solution-focused systemic counseling and coaching sessions in English and Greek.

Coaching is a solution-focused process of providing support and feedback related to your professional life. To assure a structured and efficient process, coaching always begins with the identification of concrete individual goals. Together we then analyze your professional situation and explore strategies you can use to achieve your goals. As you implement those strategies, I provide feedback and help you make any necessary adjustments.

Coaching can help if you:

• are dissatisfied with your professional life
• wish to change your employment situation
• have job-related anxieties or conflicts
• feel you have insufficient self-confidence
• want to meet new professional challenges
• feel overworked or in danger of burnout
• want to improve your work-life balance

A.      Solution-focused approaches
B.      Systemic Appreciative Counseling
C.      Cognitive Behavior Methods (CBT)

Focused on the above methods, Ι use an eclectic model according to the case. With simple words Ι try to find directly the appropriate solution and not to perpetuate the problem.
A person affects directly its environment as well as vice versa, when something happens in an environment the person is affected too.
Finally, I help the person to understand what is happening and why;  the person acquires self-awareness and strength with the proper support and coaching.

My methods are based on identifying problem-solving strategies for making positive changes in your life. I help you look at your situation from new perspectives to find and test new ways of coping with problems. Understanding the problems, and their causes, may provide valuable clues in this process. However, the focus is on finding concrete steps that draw on your own resources and lead toward solutions.

Are you facing a personal problem that you cannot solve on your own or do you feel that you are in crisis?
Do you feel the need to make changes concerning your professional and personal life?

I provide support and guidance as you explore new ways and approaches to solve your problems and find out what you really want..

During our sessions, I will ask questions and make suggestions to help you discover and test new or different ways of handling systems of interaction.
Together we develop concrete objectives and regularly revisit and examine these as you make progresses.
During the process, I will put a high value on creating an atmosphere characterized by trust, acceptance and appreciation


Coaching helps people improve their life by defining and fulfilling their goals. Coaching makes people aware of their value and potential, and helps them to discover their strong and weak points, as well as the solutions for their problems.

Coaching includes highly effective techniques that help people solve their problems alone, define their visions, expand their horizons and overcome hesitations concerning their potentials.

It provides them with the tools to overcome their limits and achieve higher levels of performance.
Μarkos Perrakis PhD O. D. Coach

The first half an hour is gratis


Phase One: Goal setting and definition Defining the aim of the consultation and registering the current situation. We are trying to define your expectations from coaching taking into account the difficulties you are currently facing and your desires for the future.

Phase Two: Development of acknowledgement and strategy application.Tracking alternative solutions, possible predicaments and facing them. We create a base upon which you learn new techniques and ways of thinking that help you develop your competence.

Phase Three: Micro coordination, additional support and termination. Goal achievement with timetable. During this final stage we will see how well the changes function and if there is a need for additional modifications.

Who feels that his life has lost its meaning or interest. When his goals are not clear

  • When he tries to achieve something but fails despite his strong will
  • When he feels the pressure to achieve something for which he doesn’t feel competent enough.
  • When his anxieties and fears prevent him from setting goals or making decisive steps for their achievement.

When he wants to get out of a difficult situation in his professional of private life and he hasn’t the required strength to take the right decisions for his future. When he wants to make changes or changes take place in his professional or private life and finds great difficulties in evaluating them in advance and in deciding whether this is what he needs. When he doesn’t know how to manage, to plan and implement them. (Fusions, Fires, HR management in his work environment)

  • Expansion and business initiatives in general, organization, communication, additional responsibilities. Will he react properly? Will he make the best out of them?
  • And for many other cases when he has the need of somebody to support him and urge him to take a positive direction.

As a famous American coach says, coaching “helps players play better!” This “game” can be a job, a business move or a business plan, a personal relationship, a change in our private life etc.Coaching is based on the professional relationship between two persons, the coach and the coachee.

– The coachee is somebody who has the desire to acquire something, to change something on himself or to achieve some important goals.

The coach helps the coachee to find out what he wants, to set achievable goals and plan the next steps for their achievement. The coach “provokes” constantly the coachee to achieve his goals; he supports and “controls” him.

– The coach doesn’t impose anything nor presses the coachee to do anything (though he doesn’t allow him even for a moment to forget his goals or to deviate from them!).

Coach asks the client penetrative, even provocative questions, instead of offering him ready answers and advices. The coach leads the people to ask themselves the important questions in order to discover their strong and weak points. He helps them to set free their potentials and follow the solutions they choose. The coach helps an individual or a team to get aware of the current situation and proceed to the desired result. He inspires them by providing them with the tools to overcome their limits and achieve higher levels of performance and self-fulfilling. The coach has to be demanding, decisive and persistent. He helps the client to concretize his needs, to set priorities and high (but realistic) goals. He motivates him to take action in order to achieve them and he works by his side. The coach will help you to understand and enhance your role in fulfilling your success.  To understand your needs.

  • To see the alternatives you have
  • To take decisions
  • To set priorities in your life
  • To set goals
  • To create an action plan
  • To stay focused on your goals and achieve them
  • To find out how your personal features can influence your personal and professional activities and your ability to achieve your goals
  • To find a work and life balance

Coaching is for everyone who has some problems and he is not sure about his next steps, but also for everyone who is satisfied with his work and his life in general, but feels the need for more inspiration, self-consciousness and “success”.Coaching helps us:

  1. Understand what we really want and how we can achieve it.
  2. To discover positive ways to face difficult situations.
  3. To set priorities and concentrate on them.
  4. To set goals and make a new start.
  5. To feel more secure, optimistic and certain about our choices.

Coaching helps us develop our talents and make use of our potentials. The ideal candidates are those who were recently promoted

New managers, team leaders
Directors, CEOs,
Executives who face challenges against their development.

The coach takes care that the benefits of the employee are in accordance with the company’s strategy and vision. Skills such as effective communication, mobilization, use of feed-back remain forever property of the coachee.

Lack of clear visions and goals, a tough period, a dynamic development, the difficulty of evaluating priorities, non productive behaviours, the will for change, the conflict between values and confusion are good reasons for the using coaching.

Coaching is recommended for everyone who wants to improve himself in a conscious and effective way because:
It reveals him his best self as a right nutrition reveals a healthy way of life.
It makes him familiar with the changes in his environment
It strengthens his self-consciousness It improves the understanding between colleagues.
It makes sure that the team and the individuals set clear goals.
It makes us more flexible under stress conditions.
It increases the levels of creativity and self-fulfilling It makes people happier

Coaching has not to do with a specific hierarchy or a specific job. Whoever wants to develop himself, to get helped, to have a total benefit in his personal and professional work, chooses coaching and makes therefore an investment for himself.

The Science of Happiness at Work