Trainings & Workshops

We provide specialised staff training programmes, with the purpose of achieving an interactive level of learning and knowledge transmission with regard to our staff. Our services have an active involvement in employees’ training needs and other related areas, such as the creation of training groups and the compilation of complete staff-training programmes, the creation of workshops as well as putting forward proposals, making evaluations, conducting follow-ups and providing practical support.

Erasmus+ Staff Training Workshops

We invite you to seize the day: to live with us an unforgettable educational and cultural experience in the cradle of civilization: Athens, Greece. We secure that any interested  public or private organization or NGO  active in the field of adult education, or in the field of labour market will have the opportunity to train its staff in the context of a variety of fully funded courses addressed to people working as education or administrative staff in any educational establishment, research institute, cultural organization, career guidance bodies, chamber of commerce, social enterprises etc. Training language is English.

The Science of Happiness at Work

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